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Gary:  Today we’re talking about watering the bushes, but how often should you do it, especially in Louisiana?

John: We’ve been getting a lot of rain but summer’s here and it’s gonna start drying out. You want to cover your flower bed with a good mulch. Deep watering with a soaker hose or letting your hose sit for fifteen minutes is what you want to do. Watering like that may mean you only have to water once a week. I’m really impressed with this Pine Straw Mulch I’ve been using.  It’s already crushed so its very easy to put around your plants and keep the moisture in.

I use it in the vegetable garden as well and I have not had any weeds this year. It also keeps the moisture and it breaks down into the soil after a year or so and it enriches the soil so it is a great all around product.

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