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Gary:  Today we’re maintaining the garden and it’s looking pretty good so far but we can’t take anything for granted.

JOHN: You got to maintain by fertilizing and take care of the diseases that pop up. You want to side dress with nitrogen, it’ll green them up and get them growing. If they’re already green, don’t worry about it. You always want to start by putting the 5-20-20 around them. If you didn’t you can still side-dress with a couple of tablespoons around the plant.

Disease-wise you want to look out for anthracnose on cucumber leaves. With the recent rain we’ve seen a lot of this. You’ll want to watch out for blights as well. These spots are just mold because of all the rain, it’ll come off with your finger. Spray with your fungicides to maintain these. Liquid copper is what I use for just about everything.  Daconil is also a good product for pottery mildew and blights.

If you don’t check your pH granulated fertilizers won’t work for you. You can use Miracle Grow regardless of your pH because it doesn’t go through the soil and t will work.

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