A Lafayette woman, Carol Richard, is being remembered by her co-workers on Wednesday, after she was killed in a multi-car crash on Tuesday night in Lafayette.

The accident happened at the intersection of Moss Street and Halifax Drive just after 6 p.m. last night.

Carol Richard (66) was stopped in the left turn lane, when a Camero driven by Bryce Chapman (23) slammed into the back of her. Richard was pushed into the intersection where she collided with a vehicle driven by another LPSS worker Karen Keyton Escavage. Richards’ vehicle was immediately engulfed in flames.

“It was a sad day to notify my staff because Carol has always been so helpful upstairs. Preparing for professional child development, which we actually have tomorrow and one of the teachers said well she put together most of our material       for tomorrow.” said Director of Childhood Development at LPSS Christine Duay.

Christine Duay worked with Richard and said they all heard about the accident, and since no names had been released, most of the staff didn’t find out until this morning. Duay said one aspect of the crash has been especially difficult for everyone to deal with.

“To see somebody one day and the next day they aren’t around. For it to be such an avoidable accident to occur like this and to take somebody’s life people don’t realize about drinking and driving, the effects.” said Duay

Both Escavage and Chapman were taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries.

The incident on Tuesday night will be Chapman’s seconds OWI charge. He was also charged with careless operation, first-degree negligent injury, two counts of negligent injury and vehicular homicide.

Escavage was treated for her injuries and released shortly after. Chapman is still being treated at the hospital and will be taken into custody as soon as he is released.