Labor Day Love: Employees at Breaux’s Mart say they love working on Labor Day


More than 157 million Americans are working this Labor Day.

The US Department of Labor says that’s the highest number ever recorded.

News Tens Renee Allen takes us shopping where workers say they are happy to clock-in.

Labor Day is one of those holidays where Americans are given the chance to recognize workers and their contributions to the economy and community.”

Breaux’s Mart has been a part of the Lafayette community since 1959.

It is a family owned and operated business.

Patsy Welch says if she’s scheduled to work, she will be here holiday or not.

“Because I love to work and I love to serve people and that’s our job over here is to meet the people’s needs- the customers.”

Delsey Jagneaux is a Breaux’s Mart employee of about 24 years.

Jagneaux says she enjoys her job even if she’s working the register and waiting on customers on a holiday.

She says having staff and employers who are like family makes working the holiday easier.

“I’m very happy that’s why I’m still here.”

Jagneaux says the benefit of the holiday shift is that most customers are in an upbeat mood.

They have the work day off and they’re spending time with family.

“Like today they’re going to be cooking and they come in and they are just happy and we are happy to have them they know us and we know them. we do our best.”

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