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Juvenile faces charges for stealing retired Lafayette police officer’s firearm


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — A 16-year-old is facing charges for possession of a concealed firearm and possession of a stolen firearm after a gun was stolen from a retired Lafayette police lieutenant’s vehicle.

The former officer’s vehicle was broken into Thursday. One of the things stolen was a firearm.

“I got up that morning. I looked into my vehicle and saw a lot of paper moved around, and it’s where I carry my revolver, my weapon,” retired officer Paul Taylor said.

Hours later, Lafayette police officer Cullen Brooks stopped two juveniles for being out past curfew.

“It was determined during that contact that one of the juveniles was in possession of a concealed firearm. That firearm was logged as evidence, and it was determined after comparing with the report that he filed that it was indeed actually the stolen firearm,” officer Brooks said.

Officer Murraysha Sheppard was the one who made the connection between the gun and the robbery.

“I was able to get the serial number of the Glock, and we were able to compare it. That was the weapon that was recovered,” officer Sheppard told News 10.

“We don’t know what that weapon could be used for in the wrong hands or what unsafe situations that individual could place themselves in with that firearm,” Brooks added.

Retired officer Paul Taylor says he wants to commend the officers for their police work because their actions often go unnoticed.

“I’m so proud of them because of the fact that there’s so much negativity going on with police officers. We know what’s going on recently, and I think these two should be commended on the fine job they did,” Taylor said.

He added, “let’s be real, you know, there’s good and bad people in all professions, and if he was one of the bad ones, the young man had a weapon on him. That would have been an ideal situation, if he was one of those officers, to maybe take that kid’s life.”

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