We’ve seen 11 consecutive days of triple-digit heat, smashing the old record of seven set back in September of 2000. This heatwave looks to continue through the weekend, possibly even intensifying.

Highs today will be in the 101-102 degree range with heat index values once again in the 115-120 degree range between 1-5 p.m. Rain chances will be minimal, 10-20%, through the weekend.

The ridge of high pressure appears to build right overhead starting tomorrow and continuing through the weekend. Highs tomorrow could be near 102-103 degrees as the high pressure gets stronger. The hottest days could be Saturday and Sunday, with daytime highs in the 103-105 degree range.

There is some hope, however, looking ahead to next week. Triple-digit heat looks to start the week off, with highs of 101-102 on Monday. By Tuesday and Wednesday, the ridge of high pressure looks to weaken a bit, with the center of it pushing westward. This opens the door for more troughing to come in, hopefully increasing storm chances Tuesday and Wednesday. With storm chances of 30-50% Tuesday and Wednesday, this should knock temperatures down with increased cloud cover, especially if storms spark off earlier in the day.

We’ve seen this before, however, with models giving us signs of hope, later taking that hope away as the days get closer. We’ll remain hopeful this heatwave may soon end, or at the very least slow down a bit. We could also really use the rainfall as most of Acadiana is in the midst of a severe drought.