Green T. Lindon teachers prepare for upcoming school year with focus on fighting COVID-19


We’re starting to see what school will be like in Lafayette Parish, when students return September 8th.

“COVID-19 is not our business. Our business is teaching and learning,” said Ginger Richard, principal at Green T. Lindon Elementary School in Youngsville.

“We’re around sick kids all the time. This is a virus, similar to the flu. We know what to do with those kinds of precautions. Even though this is new. We have some experience with it. I’m not really nervous about it. We know the kids will be cautious and careful as well,” said band teacher Mark Duhe.

Teachers are preparing their classrooms, and going over strict safety plans.

“I want everyone to be less fearful. This is not going to go away. But i want them to know, we’re going to do the best we can and we’re going to manage this,” said Richard.

There’s a temperature screening machine at the front entrance of the school for visitors. Students’ temperature checks will be done twice a day in the classroom. Students will be washing their hands every two hours. Desks in classrooms are spaced out so that students maintain social distancing. Dots line the hallways to remind kids to stay 6 feet apart. Everyone at school must wear a mask.
Everything will be cleaned constantly.

“I have concerns for everyone’s health, and my health as well,” said Jillian Ray, first grade teacher. “We will keep those kids safe no matter what. That is our job. As teachers, that is what we do. We will keep the babies safe.”

Richard says teachers will be allowed to wear scrubs, if they are concerned about the virus contaminating their clothes.

Students will get a mask break during the day, where they can go outside, take off their masks, and get some fresh air.

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