GIBSON, La. (WGNO) — Louisiana State Troopers say that two bystanders, Jeff Lapeyrouse and Chase Dupre, saved a family of four whose car crashed into a canal on Hwy. 182 in Assumption Parish Tuesday (Dec. 6).

Troopers say the family’s car veered off the road into the mud-filled canal and quickly began to sink. The family, which included two small children, was unable to open the car doors to escape.

Lapeyrouse was traveling on Hwy 182 when he saw the crash. He pulled his car over and rushed to help the family. Dupre also witnessed the crash, and both men jumped into the canal. They opened one of the doors, and pulled all four family members to safety.

Only minor injuries were reported in the crash. Troopers credit Lapeyrouse and Dupre with preventing a tragedy.