Get Well with Dr. Kevin: Three Pillars


I get a lot of questions about the three pillars in our logo.

I created the three pillars of human health after 22 years of working very closely with patients that wanted desperately to regain their health and live a long functional life.

The three pillars of human health simply must be addressed on each patient if you truly hope to restore their life.

The first pillar of human health is structural health.

 That means your bones, muscles, tendons, discs etc.

Your organs can be perfect but if you end up needing a walker, or a wheelchair due to structural problems, or have a blown-out disc, or crippling arthritis, you cannot be a healthy person.

So structural health must be part of any patient care plan.

The second pillar of human health is organ health, this is the hormones, digestion, heart health, blood sugar, the thyroid, and so on.

You can have a healthy structure but if you suffer with organ problems like Crohn’s, diabetes, hormonal failure, chronic fatigue, or anything else, you cannot live your best life.

So, the second pillar of human health is organ health.

By the way, organ health also encompasses the brain, generally people don’t think of the brain in terms of being able to make it work better.

But there are natural things you can do to make your brain work better.

Pillar number three is weight and nutritional health and the work we do to help folks get and stay on the right track with their weight and nutrition.

How are you doing with these three pillars?

Structural health, organ health, and weight health?

And what is your strategy to address these three pillars so you can live your best life.

I wanted to invite you to visit my website at

Or, give us a call at 983-CARE to get you on the right pathway to a long healthy life.

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