Get Well With Dr. Kevin: Addressing ‘energy debt’


I wanted to discuss one of the most important reasons you cannot regain your health no matter what condition you are suffering from.

That is something called “energetic debt.”

Your energy molecule is called ATP. ATP is to your body what gasoline is to your car.

Your body must have a never-ending supply of energy to heal and work correctly.

Most suffer from the opposite, most people I see with all types of health problems are spending more energy than they are making, they have an energetic debt.

If you are going to go from this level of health to this level of health, it takes extra energy input.

Now if you are barely making it energetically here, you will never get to here. I don’t care what health plan you are following, what you’re eating, or what you are doing to improve, you simply can’t improve because you don’t have the energy to move higher.

This is why two people can do the exact same thing. One gets better, loses weight, and improves their health.

The other one does not, this patient likely didn’t have the energy to improve no matter what they did.

Do you ever feel like your short on energy at some point during the day? If you answered, that’s exactly how I feel.

That is because that’s likely exactly what is happening.

You may not have the energy reserve to improve your the direction of your health.

The great news is our program can systematically solve your energetic debt and put you on the pathway to have a better metabolism so you can lose weight, have more energy to heal your body, sleep better and reap all the rewards of having the energy you are designed to have.

If you want to know more you can call my beautiful new office behind Women’s and Children’s at (337) 983-CARE or click

Thank you for joining me Ill see you all right here next week.

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