A front is in the process of moving through the area this morning. This has brought an increase in cloud cover and a few isolated showers. This moisture, however, will quickly move out later this afternoon as dry air filters in. A sunny and hot afternoon is expected with highs reaching the low-mid 90s.

You’ll feel the change most appreciably during the morning hours, with lows expected to dip into the mid-upper 60s tomorrow morning to start the workweek!

Overnight lows will reach the upper 60s pretty regularly through the upcoming week. Temperatures will still be hot each afternoon, with highs topping out in the low-mid 90s.

Few isolated showers are possible on Thursday as another weak front attempts to move through the region, giving us another dose of drier air, this time from the east.


Tropical Storm Margot continues across the northern Atlantic but poses no threat to land.

Tropical Storm Nigel has developed and is expected to become a major hurricane as it moves northward across the Atlantic. Nigel also will not threaten any land areas, remaining an Atlantic system.