LAFAYETTE, La (KLFY) –Lafayette’s former police chief speaks up against statements made about LPD Captain Michael Brown.

Thomas Glover says the investigated complaint was found to be untrue about what transpired.
Former Chief Glover says the executive director of Citizens for a New Louisiana, Michael Lunsford read a citizen’s complaint about LPD Captain Michael Brown.

Glover accuses Lunsford of giving validity to false information.

“He did not touch him.  He did not put him in handcuffs and walk him to the car.  None of the things that are being said in the news happened.  None of the things said on the written complaint happened,” Glover said.

Glover says in that tenant-landlord dispute Captain brown wasn’t the only responding officer.

The chief says a citizen’s complaint is not fact until proven or developed by evidence.

For the former chief, the body-cam footage set the record straight along with Cpt. Brown’s actions of calling the tax and property offices to determine who owned the property.

“I ended the inquiry or investigation whatever you want to call it. I did sign papers that have been sent to the civil service board saying conducted investigation,” Glover added.

The chief believes once the civil service board was told that internal affairs did its job and as the chief, he found no need for further investigation, then that should be that.

“I think to clear all of this up, the citizens of Lafayette should demand to see the video.  They should demand that.  It’s sixteen minutes that Mike Brown did not threaten him,” Glover stated.

Glover says Brown deserves an apology and his reputation cleared by the video being shown for the public to see.

Meanwhile, Glover ‘pulls back the lid’ on a report of an LPD officer at the shooting range who shot a deer that wandered onto the property.

Glover says that incident happened a few months before he was hired.  

“There was a big limit put on what I could do as chief of police because the statutory deadline expired,” Glover noted.

Also, the former chief stands by his words that 99% of the police department is outstanding but there’s a small percent that if removed the department would change overnight.

The chief explains his decision regarding the citizen’s complaint was not the first.  

Glover says there’s a similar incident, but no investigative complaint about that was filed.