Flooding near roundabouts in Henderson causing frustration


HENDERSON, La. (KLFY) – Flooding at the Henderson Exit off Interstate 10 is causing frustration for drivers, residents, and businesses.
The flooding is happening near two new roundabouts, which the DOTD just opened less than two months ago.
The roundabouts are part of the massive I-10 widening project, located near the bridge at the Henderson – Cecilia Exit.

The road under the bridge was just closed by town officials last week, due to the massive amount of rainfall. 

Drivers had a difficult time passing on the road once again, on Thursday…

“Flooding has never been like this before,” said Jennifer Casanova.

Rain, rain, go away. It’s all that Jennifer Casanova’s hoping for.

“We were really excited thinking everything would be taken care of when the roundabouts opened, but unfortunately, over the last 2 rains that we’ve had, the new road is under water,” said Casanova.

She’s the owner of Louisiana Marketshops at the 115.
The store represents more than 300 Louisiana artists and makers.

Last Thursday, she had to close shop early, because the road under the bridge leading to her store, was flooded and shut down.

“I mean we take a hit. You know, we have to wait and hopefully make it up the next day,” she said.

“He (Shawn Wilson, Secretary of Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development) said, ‘Well mayor look, I met with my engineers; when it’s going to be completed, the flooding is going to be taken care of,'” said Sherbin Collette, Henderson’s Mayor.

He tells New 10, he spoke with DOTD recently about the problem.

Crews elevated the two new roundabouts north and south, but lowered the road under the bridge, for 18-wheelers to be able to pass. But there’s still more work to be done, especially in regards to drainage.

When it rains, the water floods the road under the bridge.

“And the previous road used to flood,” said Collette.

And ‘You (Shawn Wilson, DOTD) telling me, the drainage y’all putting in place, is going to take care of that?’ questioned Collette. 

“Yes sir I am (said Wilson),” according to Collette.

“As long as they (construction crews) do it right I’m not really worried about when, I just want the quality of the job to be there. I don’t want them to have to re-do it,” said Casanova.

Collette says DOTD doesn’t believe all the construction in the area will be complete until 2020 or later, however, he would like all the construction to be completed in the Spring.

He also told News 10, he’s keeping a watchful eye on the Cairo Illinois River which runs through Henderson.
It could crest roughly 9 ft. above flood stage by January 7.

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