LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — It might be hard to imagine looking after every festival attendee in the city, but for Lafayette Police the preparation for exactly that has been in the works all year.

“It basically starts the day after the previous festival. So, when festival ends on Sunday you have a debriefing to see what worked and what didn’t and how we can improve the safety and security,” Festival Police Spokesperson Jace Quebedeaux said.

He said police work directly with the Festival International committee through their liaison officer and make adjustments to the “game plan” leading up to festival.

More eyes will be on the stages this year, Quebedeaux said.

“This year we have brought in a large amount of security cameras. The stages will all be monitored as well as a safety sweep will be conducted on each stage prior to the event beginning on each day.”

Police are also taking into account trouble areas on Jefferson Street from years prior.

“We have officers that will be in place at every intersection along Jefferson Street as well as throughout the festival grounds. We want everyone to know we will have plenty of law enforcement officers here and not only from the Lafayette Police Department but from our surrounding agencies that have come to assist in this event because it is such a large endeavor.”

Quebedeaux wants the public to know their officers are here to help, not only in times of violence, but when families get separated, children wonder off, or even helping you find parking that won’t get you a ticket.