LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Festival international has always been known for its great food, fun and fantastic music from bands from all over the world. News 10 spoke with one band from Haiti who said this is their first ever Festival International and is excited to be able to perform in front of all of Acadiana.

Richard Morse, band leader, said, “We did it during Covid. We had to send in a video of us performing. So this is our first time right here. “

Haitian band, Ram, has been together for about 25 years. They have traveled all over the world being able to spread their sound to thousands of people.

Band leader Richard Morse said Ram’s music is able to hit the hearts of the people of Acadiana because of the similarity in styles.

“Haiti and Louisiana were related way back when. So New Orleans used to be 50% Haitian a couple hundred years ago. It is like we have the same DNA. It is like people sense, ‘hey, I get it,” Morse said.

News 10 spoke with other people who who attended the festival as they shard their opinion on how great it is to have different cultures be able to share their music with Acadiana.

Megan Perkins said, “It is incredible. Its like being able to connect to all the different cultures and everything that makes us unique. Our own special flavor, like the flavor of the world. It is incredible.”

Festival go-er Neysha Initiative, said, “I like to catch a few minutes of every single band because it is so incredible and you find new things and like new sounds. It is just incredible and magical and a little bit of everything. It is like a sampler of the whole world right here this weekend.”

Whether it be a band from Haiti, France, or even over here in Louisiana, one thing is for sure that all performers are welcome here at Festival International.