COCODRIE, La. (KLFY) – The family of missing Seacor crew member Dylan Daspit tells News 10 the U.S. Coast Guard attempted to retrieve life jackets and hard hats from the vessel that were found by volunteers assisting the search effort.

Cindy Reily is the girlfriend of Scott Daspit, Dylan’s father. She says the representatives from the U.S. Coast Guard arrived at the search command center, at the Harbor Light Marina in Cocodrie on Tuesday afternoon. Reily says the Coast Guard wanted to take the three hard hat and eight life jackets, but she refused to allow them to be taken. The reason, she says, is that the Coast Guard called off the search for the seven missing crew members, and they are no longer helping. She says several volunteers stood with her to deny the Coast Guard.

The items were found during a search of 300 square miles on Sunday, April 25th. They are now in a secure location.

Several volunteers searched by air and on the water on Wednesday. Those searching on the water say the rough conditions prevented smaller boats from getting very far off the coast. They say larger boats are needed to get to some of the island areas.

“I have a lot of family and friends in the oil industry,” said volunteer Jack Monte, of Lake Charles. “I know if something like that happened to them, I would make sure we had everyone we could here. I’m just trying to do my part.”

“They (families) need closure,” said Lynn Bayard, of New Iberia. “Until they can physically touch something, they won’t have closure.”