Couples struggling to have a baby have a chance to get a free cycle of in vitro fertilization.  The Gift of Hope program will choose two lucky couples.  The program is put on by Fertility Answers, Women’s and Children’s Hospital, and Sheridan Healthcare.

To be eligible to apply, couples must show both financial and medical needs.  “Every time she moved even if she moved the day before it just reminded me of what a miracle she is.”

Meet Hope, she is nine years old.  “She’s a good girl, she’s healthy.”

Hope’s parents, Laura and Terry Hughes tried for nearly eight years to have a child.

“We had done test, after test and we really couldn’t figure out anything that was wrong that would cause me to not get pregnant,” said Hughes.

When the Hughes turned to fertility doctors, they quickly realized their dream of having a family was going to take more than overcoming physical obstacles.

“We knew our options were limited, but we knew truly it was a finical obstacle. We had come to the conclusion that we just weren’t going to have children,” said Hughes.

Then they heard of the Gift of Hope program.

“Some friends and family had heard about it on the news, so last minute we wrote a letter, explained our story and here we are nine years later,” said Hughes.

The program began in Louisiana in 2006.

The Hughes were the first family accepted into the program.

Fertility Answers Marketing Director Ameile Storment says she is proud to help families grow.

“It’s a very rewarding feeling, not just for me but for my husband as well, and for all the doctors in our practice, to be able to give back to our community in some way,” said Storement.

Hughes says she is forever grateful for the “Hope” this program gave them.

“I’m very aware of how blessed we are. I’m very lucky to know that every single day, even on your mom days when you feel like you can’t do it anymore, or that you’ve messed up, it’s such a blessing,” said Hughes.

The Gift of Hope is currently accepting applications.

You can apply online at

The deadline to apply is May 12th.