LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Blood supplies have diminished since the start of summer, which has created a blood emergency. Donors are needed now more than ever in order to provide an adequate supply for hospitals and their patients.

Christina Duhon with Vitalant says they usually see an increase during the summer, but are currently down 50%. Appointments for all blood types are needed to achieve a sufficient four-day supply. “With the upcoming hurricane season, we have to prepare. We always prepare two months ahead. We need donations on the shelves and ready for hospitals,” Duhon explains.

She goes on to say that of all the blood types, the emergency shortage is keen for type O. Recently, Vitalant declared O positive blood has fallen to just one day’s supply. Duhon adds, “That is the universal blood type. In emergencies, they will transfuse that to you.”

Duhon says the pandemic brought challenges and admits the rebound has been stuck at a crawl. “Our struggle is that our blood comes from schools and businesses. There is a strain for us to go out, a lot of schools are not back on calendars,” says Duhon. 

Vitalant has made it easy to sign up and donate.