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Dial Dalfred: Run-down railroad crossing

Dial Dalfred

For months one Lafayette resident has been looking for answers to a problem with a deteriorating railroad crossing on a main thoroughfare.

The crossing is on Moss Street at its intersection with Donlon near the post office.

Sherry Broussard came to News Ten after she says she was given the run-around.

The problem is, she wasn’t sure who was responsible for the damage at the crossing because the rail and the and asphalt on each side are owned by two separate parties.

Broussard told us she made several calls to complain about the crossing on Moss Street only to come up empty-handed and short a few hundred short after costly repairs.

“I just feel so bad for not only my vehicle but for the emergency vehicles, the school buses, anybody who has to travel this route they are ruining their vehicles,” Broussard explained. 

Broussard says with the busy post office, neighborhoods, and schools at each end of Moss Street, the crossing should be in much better condition, and commuters have suffered long enough.

“I have made eight phone calls, I’ve been dealing with this about two months. I’m out of time, I’m out of patience” she exclaimed.

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development works in conjunction with the railroad company, which we learned is Louisiana and Delta Railroad.

Bill Oliver, District administrator with DOTD said, “The railroad actually owns the crossing itself and we own, naturally, the approaches to it.”

Because the damage to the crossing is on asphalt the railroad is responsible for repairs.

But, through an agreement between DOTD and the rail company, DOTD will at times purchase the supplies for the job, and the rail company will do the work.

“It’s a coordinated effort between the two organizations using different funding sources to maintain railroads and try and do it safely

Oliver says he has been in contact with Louisiana and Delta Railroad, the company is planning to make repairs at the Moss Street crossing early next week.

If you’re in a situation where your property is damaged due to the crossing, or the approach to the crossing, DOTD will either file a claim or direct you to railroad officials.

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