Crowley police concerned about possible budget cuts


Some Crowley police officers say they’re worried about possible budget cuts to the department.

Mayor Tim Monceaux says the city’s budget will be reduced, but by how much is still up in the air.

The cuts could come close to half a million dollars.

Citizens of Crowley concerned about the potential budget cuts will be able to come and let their voices be heard tomorrow at a public hearing at the Criminal Justice Building.

Crowley police chief Jimmy Broussard is urging the public to attend; he says it could affect their safety.

“I met with the mayor earlier and with the administration. We did take some voluntary cuts, but nothing to this extreme,” he explains

Broussard says the city is proposing to cut the department by nearly $140,000.

“When you cut your public safety, when you cut those people who are there to save lives, fire and police, you’re in a deperate situation. And it’s only going to be a detriment to the community,” he says.

Some citizens are worried.

“I would feel unsafe for sure if the police… they get cut,” said resident Yaser Palbeisi.

Budget cuts would mean fewer officers on patrol and longer response times.

“It’s not just us that is going to be effected. It’s going to be a chain of events and a chain of people… Almost a domino effect that’s going to effect different areas if these cuts are made,” says Broussard.

Crowley Alderman Jeff Cavell says there have been several drafts of the budget, but the board doesn’t make the final decisions.

“It’s all up to the mayor. We as a council or as a board of alderman, we only vote for or against,” Cavell explains.

Mayor Monsaux says budget cuts are always a tough decision to make but sometimes necessary.

The public hearing is scheduled for 1 p.m. Friday afternoon.

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