Crawfish sizes are growing thanks to the warm weather and rain



Here we are a week away from Fat Tuesday and no doubt people will be looking to boil crawfish in the days ahead.  

The weather has been good for crawfish lately.   Warm and plenty of rain, although crawfish researcher, with the LSU Ag. Center, Dr. Greg Lutz, says the wet weather would have been better during the autumn months but he says the mudbugs are growing for those Mardi Gras crawfish boils.  

“We are seeing a nice mix of sizes in a lot of places,” Lutz said.  “Some of the buyers are already starting to grade their crawfish so they’ll have the very biggest choice ones for certain retail markets, and some of the smaller ones will probably even get peeled at some point, here.”   

And as we get close to Mardi Gras the demand will certainly be there, too.   

“This is the time of year when everybody wants them and luckily this is the time of year when they really do begin to become more available,” Lutz mentioned.  

The biggest problem with all the rain is that the crawfisherman are having trouble getting to their traps to get to the crawfish.   

Boiled crawfish are over 5 bucks a pound.  Over 3 dollars a pound for live crawfish and demand may cause prices to jump for Mardi Gras.  

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