NEW ORLEANS, (La.) – The defending Sun Belt football champion Ragin’ Cajuns took part in day 2 of Sun Belt Media Days.

The Louisiana contingent included coach Michael Desormeaux, all purpose back Chris Smith and linebacker Andre Jones.

The Cajuns ended last season on a win streak, however, that’s all in the past.

“I think like the first thing that we do is say like ‘That’s last year, what we gonna do this year?’,” said Jones.”The standard is the standard, and we are going to raise it high.”

The Cajuns now play in a bigger Sun Belt Conference; Southern Miss, Old Dominion, James Madison and Marshall are now conference members.

“The Sun Belt has always been the Fun Belt so adding a couple more teams is going to be interesting. We’re going to love it. Hope they are ready to compete because we are,” Smith said.

Of course with Louisiana one of the big questions is who will start at quarterback.

“When you got Chandler [Fields] and Ben [Woolridge] who really have been going at it since last fall that a lot of people don’t know, they’ve been back and forth and it’s been a good thing. you know they are both really talented players, they’ve got the leadership qualities that you want, they’ve got the arm talent, they’ve got the ability. For this competition in particular with those two guys, it’s gonna come down to who can consistently play within the offense and make good decisions,” Desormeaux explained.