Brothers arrested, charged in Crowley drive-by shooting


Two brothers are behind bars charged in the drive-by shooting Monday in Crowley.

The shooting happened around 4:00 p.m. at the Kathy Apartment Complex.

Acadia Parish sheriff officials say a man was shot and taken to a hospital.

Sheriff K.P. Gibson says within an hour of the shooting two people were taken into custody.

Gibson says Davon Nickson, 21 and his brother Edward Nickson, 25 are facing a charge of assault by drive-by shooting and attempted second degree murder.

The sheriff says innocent people were nearby and that’s a concern. “They’re just as much at risk as the person being shot at because of a stray bullet could go through their window, go through their home or strike them while they’re outside,” Sheriff Gibson said.

The sheriff says the shooting appears to be the result of on-going dispute among the three men and possibly others.

Ralph Robinson has lived in Crowley for 60 years. Robinson says the young people in his community need leadership and something constructive to do.

“These kids can get up making more money in a day than their parents make in a week; doing the wrong thing but their longevity is shortened,” Robinson said.

Henry Clement says he’s taught school in Crowley for 13 years. “It starts with the family and if the parents are not on top of it ain’t going to happen,” Clement said.

Clement believes the way to temper the violence is to get family and role models involved.

“We need to get the parents back into it. They’re going to to have to go through the schools and monitor the kids as they come up because we have lost discipline,” Clement explained.

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