The body of a woman missing since yesterday from Allen Parish, was found today in a pond near Swan Lake Road  just outside of Eunice earlier today.

The St. Landry Parish sheriffs department has confirmed that the body found in the pond has been identified as  missing 61 year old Earthy Maye Griffith from Allen Parish.

“St. Landry Parish sheriffs department were advised that Allen Parish detectives had mapped the phone of a lady that had been missing since yesterday out of Allen Parish .” said Lt. CLay Higgins of the St. Landry Sheriffs Dept.

Deputies out of Allen Parish and St. Landry Parish were able to track the cell phone signal.

“Unfortunately we located Mrs. Griffith in the pond located behind me.” said Higgins

The death is still under investigation, as well as the incidents leading up to Griffiths death. Lt. Higgins says, at the time there seems to be no indication of foul play.

“The area of her recovery was treated as a crime scene. It doesn’t mean that we believe that a crime took place it just means that we are ready to investigate weather or not there was any foul play.” said Higgins

Cleveland Cesar says that Griffith was a deacon at the Greater Golden Light Church. Both attended the church regularly and Cesar said he had nothing but nice things to say about Griffith.

“Last night when they told me she was missing I went by to see her husband and he told me that she had put him to bed. That his back was hurting and she rubbed it and then he just went to sleep. when he got up that morning, Monday morning, she was gone.” said Cesar

Cesar said Griffith had recently lost her job and was taking it very hard.