NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY) — Bourbon Hall is a locally-owned bar in New Iberia.

It opened in December, but the owners say they’re worried Gov. John Bel Edwards’ mandates will force them out of business before they even last a year.

“I keep saying the first time we shut our bar down, let our girls go, and turned off all the lights was heartbreaking. The second time we had to do it, now we’re just frustrated and upset,” Danita Maldonado said.

The owners of Bourbon Hall, Danita Maldonado and Caroll Trahan, say they have been trying to keep their bar afloat for months now.

They say although the governor forced them to close, they still have to pay the bills.

They say if they don’t keep their air conditioner and coolers running, their inventory will go bad, which could cost a fortune.

With no end in sight to the governor’s mandate keeping bars closed, they’ve joined a class action lawsuit against the state.

“We are joining a lawsuit. We’ve even kind of said what’s the next step when we don’t know what to do with our business and our future is literally deteriorating before our eyes, you go to the source. So we have joined other bar owners across the state to file a lawsuit against our government,” Maldonado told News 10.

They hope the lawsuit will either reverse the governor’s mandate or help them get any kind of financial relief.

“They shut us down with nothing. They didn’t give us any kind of handout. They didn’t bail us out. A lot of us didn’t qualify for any of the federal loans or assistance so hopefully at the end of the day if that’s all we get, it’ll be something to start over again,” Maldonado said.

The owners of Bourbon Hall also met with Governor Edwards’ legal staff last week, but they were told there is nothing they could do.