A Jeanerette police officer is on leave after allegedly using excessive force to make an arrest at a New Year’s Eve party.

The victim’s attorney says he now suspects this isn’t the officer’s first offense for using excessive force.

Screen capture of Facebook Live video taken during arrest

“The officer that’s involved in the assault of Mr. Green had either disciplinary action that resulted in the termination or resignation from either or both the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office and the Breaux Bridge Police Department,” Ronald Haley Jr., the victim’s lawyer, said.

Haley says after investigating Officer Tyler Dauthinet’s employment history, he believes Dauthinet was either fired or resigned from two Acadiana law enforcement agencies.

“How transparent were the other departments with these or any other disciplinary history that Mr. Dauthinet may or may not have had?” Haley questioned.

Haley says he often works cases involving allegations of police officers using excessive force, and he’s noticed a pattern.

“Often, officers that are disciplined to the point where one would be terminated are given the opportunity to resign,” Haley told News 10.

Haley says this allows the officers to be hired by another law enforcement agency.

“They will be able to pass a background check for that agency because they did not get a termination,” Haley said.

According to Haley, he believes that might be how Officer Dauthinet was able to get a job at the Jeanerette Police Department.

“We want to see if there was any disciplinary history at Breaux Bridge or Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office. Was he allowed to simply resign so he could maintain his employment status for another law enforcement agency or was he terminated?” Haley asked. “And if he was terminated, then the question goes to the Jeanerette Police Department. If someone was terminated for an excessive force case, why did they hire that person in the department?”

Haley has filed several public record requests asking for the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office, the Breaux Bridge Police Department and the Jeanerette Police Department to turn over all disciplinary records, hiring records and termination records for Officer Dauthinet.