Alligator shows up at Breaux Bridge family's front door

BREAUX BRIDGE, La. (KLFY) - As the weekend Digitial Media Producer, I'm not sure at this point what I would do if a7-foot alligator showed up at my front door, but KLFY Weekend Anchor Dalfred Jones and photographer Chris Callegari both said they would RUN!

So, we gotta ask, what would you do if a huge alligator showed up at your front door?

It happened Sunday to a Breaux Bridge family who found a gator just inches from their front door on Belle Drive.

The family contacted a trapper and the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries who later arrived and cuffed the alligator, which likely came from a nearby coulee.

Experts say the mating season is approaching and during that time alligators tend to turn up in unusual places as they look for a partner.

BYE!!! I've quickly decided I'm moving OUT.

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