Les Frères Michot, which consists of Tommy, Rick, Mike and David Michot, started playing together as an all-brothers Cajun band in 1986, although the individual musicians have played with each other and with numerous other groups since about 1968.

The group plays traditional Cajun music in the all-acoustic “bal de maison” (house dance) style that was prevalent before the advent of electric amplification, and the Michot’s aim to preserve this style of Cajun music.

They use no drums or electric instruments, and their music has a strong vocal component with all lyrics in French. Instrumentation includes fiddle, accordion, p’tit fer (basse triang’), acoustic guitar, and contrebasse.

The Michot’s have played extensively throughout the United States and have toured in Quebec and in several European countries (France, England, Poland), but play primarily in south Louisiana.

Article Source- Flat Town Music