NEW YORK (CNN/WCBS) — Dramatic video shows an SUV flying off a highway and into two vehicles on New York state’s Long Island. Six people were injured.

“She just said ‘ma, ma we was in an accident, the whole car flipped,’ the baby was bleeding,” said Samantha Rivera.

Rivera says she will never forget that phone call or this video from a home surveillance camera, showing an SUV coming through the trees after flying off the Southern State Parkway, going over a fence, hitting a pickup truck driving by, and slamming right into a parked car.

“I saw the video and I started screaming like, ‘Oh my god,'” said Rivera.

Inside that vehicle was Rivera’s son, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law, and two-month-old grandson, Mason.

“My brother-in-law, he has a broken neck, a fractured lung,” said Rivera. “My daughter-in-law. she blew her knee out. My son, he can’t move at all from head to toe.”

Rivera tells us her grandson only has scratches and bruises on his face — and is expected to be okay. He was pulled out of the vehicle by Jonathan Cervantes.

“I saw the baby pinned under the gentleman that was messed up in the back,” said Cervantes. “I tried to move his arm, I moved it a little bit more and I just picked up the baby, and pulled him out of the car, give him to the mother.”

New York state police say the accident happened before 11:00 Sunday morning on old Britton road in north Bellmore. Neighbors, along with two men in the pickup, worked to rescue the family before firefighters arrived. While it is not known what caused the crash, Rivera says her daughter-in-law, who was driving, told her they were hit by another car.

“She said it was coming near her and it went right in the back of her truck and when it went right in the back, her car swerved and went into somebody’s yard,” said Samantha Rivera.

An accident that had this grandmother fearing the worst… Especially for her son.

“I thought they were going to lose their life,” she said. “And I’m still praying, because I don’t know how he’s doing. He might be crippled for the rest of his life.”

New York state police are investigating the cause of the crash.