WATCH: Deer comes crashing through shop owner’s window


WILMINGTON, N.C. (CNN/WWAY) — “I looked at the door and it was this deer coming through.”

Shop owner Wendy Sheffield of Wilmington, N.C. says she couldn’t believe what appeared.

“We’ve had a bird fly in, bats to fly in. We’ve had a pelican to walk in, seagulls to walk in, black crows to walk in,” she said.

Birds a-plenty … but never a deer.

Sheffield was working behind the counter in her store Friday afternoon when without warning she heard what she said sounded like a bomb blowing up. This surveillance video shows the deer sliding through her store, seconds after it crashed through the glass.

Sheffield said she locked eyes with the deer.

“And she headed back to the front when she seen me, and I was just screaming, ‘It’s a deer, it’s a deer!’ and then she turned around and headed back this way, and I kind of got behind her. We all ran around here, and she just flew out the back door.”

The deer flew like a flash, dashed down the dock and dove into a canal.

Sheffield says she received phone calls from witnesses telling her the deer may have been running from hunters and their dogs.

The deer caused some damage but not enough to force the store to close its doors. The door the animal crashed through was replaced.

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