(The Hill) — U.S. Park Police said they arrested a man on Tuesday evening who is accused of vandalizing the base of the Washington Monument.

“The United States Park Police has an adult male in custody for vandalizing the base of the Washington Monument with paint,” the agency said in a statement. 

“The area at the base of the monument will be temporarily closed,” the statement continued. “National Park Service conservators will work on the restoration process. The investigation is ongoing and there is no more specific information at this time.”

Photos posted on Twitter of the alleged incident show red paint smeared on the west side of the monument’s base.

“Have you been f—— by this,” the alleged vandal wrote in paint with an arrow pointing upward toward the monument.

The monument — which stands at 550 feet tall — is shaped like an obelisk, with four tapering sides leading to a pyramid shape at the top.

It is located on the National Mall in between the Lincoln Memorial and the Capitol Building, also close by to the White House.

“Gov says tough s——,” the alleged suspect appeared to write on the monument.