WASHINGTON, D.C. (NEXSTAR) — The intelligence community is getting a little more recognition as a hall of fame will be made in Erie, Pennsylvania.

“It’s important to honor those who go to work every day,” former Pennsylvania governor and former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge said.

Mercyhurst University in Erie will soon be the home of the U.S Intelligence Hall of Fame.

It recognizes recipients of the William Oliver Baker award, for lifetime achievement and service in the intelligence agencies and national security of the United States.

Intelligence National Security Alliance Chairman Tish Long says it is important to showcase these frequently-unsung heroes.

“These women and men … have really made a difference within the world of intelligence,” Long said.

But why Mercyhurst? Ridge says it’s an obvious choice.

“It was the very first school to offer undergraduate studies as an intelligence analyst. They have Mercyhurst graduates in all 17 of the different intelligence organizations,” Ridge said.

Both Long and Ridge say this hall of fame will act as inspiration for students and future generations who want to get into the intelligence community.

“These are role models that the students at Mercyhurst can read about, and study, and look up to, and aspire to the roles that they had,” Long said.

“Is it a perfect science? No, but this country couldn’t be as safe and secure today without the enormous contributions … these men and women make,” Ridge said.

Plans are already set to renovate part of the library at Mercyhurst for the hall of fame.