Trump is pulling National Guard from D.C. after peaceful protest


(CBS News) President Trump says he’s ordering the national guard to start the process of withdrawing from Washington claiming everything is under “perfect control.”

It follows a day of peaceful protests in the nation’s captial Saturday.

But last weekend when demonstrations turned violent a senior admnistration official tells CBS news the president demanded the military put out 10-thousand active duty troops immediately against the objections of the defense secretary, the chairman of the joint chiefs and attorney general William Barr.

Is that accurate?
No, that’s completely false. That’s completely false.
The president did not demand that? no, he did not demand that.

The White House also called the account false and told CBS news in a statement “President Trump remains confident in Secretary Esper.”

On Face the Nation, the attorney general also defended the forceful removal of protesters who were cleared out of Lafayette Square Monday ahead of a photo-op by the president at Saint John’s Church.

“Here’s what the media is missing. This was not an operation to respond to that particular crowd. It was an operation to move the perimeter one block.”

And the methods they used you think were appropriate, is that what you’re saying?

When they met resistance, yes. (they announced three times. they didn’t move. by the way, there was no tear gas used.)

Former Secretary of State and retired general Colin Powell said he agrees with other military officials who have condemned the president’s actions.

And said he won’t support him in November.

I’m very close to Joe Biden in a social matter and on a political matter. (I worked with him for 35, 40 years.) and he is now the candidate and i will be voting for him.

In a pair of tweets, the president called Powell “a stiff” and highly overrated.”

Biden tweeted he’s grateful for Powell’s support.

Powell, who served during the Bush administration, did not vote for President Trump in 2016.

He supported Hillary Clinton and before that backed former President Obama.

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