Toddler who died in fire was trying to save family puppy


(CNN) — The devastated parents of an Arkansas toddler who died trying to save his puppy from a house fire are opening up about their extraordinary loss.

Everything was lost in the fire that erupted on Saturday but none of the family’s possessions mattered compared to the loss of Loki.

“He was just a spunky little funky boy,” said Deshay Wilson, Loki’s mother.

Amid the chaos trying to put the fire out and calling for help, the parents say Loki ran back inside to try and save the family’s 6-month-old puppy.

“There’s actually prints on the carpet of where she laid beside him,” said Wilson. “They basically tried to save each other.”

Loki was Wilson’s first baby and says she remembers the last thing they did before the fire.

“Played with chickens, and he raked leaves, that was one of the last things he did. He was just barely learning how to talk.”

The 23-month-old had eight other brothers and sisters – some who witnessed the painful night.

“They’re taking it really hard right now, they’re blaming themselves for a lot of it,” she said. “They haven’t been in school or any of that. They can’t even go. His little sister, she’s not even a year old yet, she doesn’t even sleep through the night anymore. She wakes up having nightmares and screaming and crying for her brother.”

Right now the family are staying with relatives near where the fire happened, both parents say they can’t look at their home without breaking down.

“I want to burn it to the ground honestly,” said Wilson. “‘Cause every time I look at it, it’s all it reminds me of.”

The fire is still under investigation, but the family says it was an electrical fire.

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