The Latest: Impeachment hearings on Capitol Hill


President Trump arrived home from the NATO summit late Wednesday after the day-long impeachment hearings on Capitol Hill.

The house judiciary committee spent the day questioning four law professors about whether the president committed an impeachable offense in his dealings with Ukraine.

The three legal experts called by Democrats said it did.

Based on that evidence and those findings, the president did commit an impeachable abuse of office.

Same answer.

We three are unanimous.

Jonathan Turley, a CBS News Contributor was the only witness for the Republicans.

You want to build impeachment, you have to have a foundation broad enough to support it. This is the narrowest impeachment in history.

Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler criticized President Trump’s conduct with Ukraine, but he also referred to what he called a pattern of behavior – even referencing the 2016 election.

Tonight he called the facts overwhelming.

The president committed impeachable offenses. They threaten the survival of democracy itself and the integrity of free elections.

”The majority is lost because the facts are not on their side.”

Republicans also criticized one of the Democratic witness’ attempts at humor involving the president’s son.

“While the president can name his son Barron, he can’t make him a Barron.”

Professor Pamela Karlan later publicly apologized.

“That does not lend credibility to your argument. It makes you look mean.”

“It was wrong of me to do that.”

The house majority leader Wednesday indicated an impeachment vote could still happen by the end of the year if the house judiciary committee moves forward with recommendations within that time frame.

Natalie Brand/Cbs News/Capitol Hill.

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