Texas toddler dead after being stuffed in backpack and placed in car trunk


LUBBOCK, Tx. (CNN/KCBD) — A Texas man is facing capital murder charges after he told police he put his girlfriend’s 10-month-old baby inside a backpack and left her in his car for more than five hours Tuesday.

That man, 27-year-old Trevor Rowe, is in the Lubbock county detention center.

Marion Montoya, the victim, was just two months away from turning one. Now, the birthday party her grandmother was planning isn’t going to happen.

“It was going to be Minnie Mouse,” said Emlilio Montoya, the victim’s father.

Rowe, who is dating Marion’s mother, is behind bars and charged with capital murder after he told police he stuffed Marion into a backpack and left her in his car for more than five hours.

Police responded to Rowe’s call to 911 after he said he performed CPR on the child. He told police he had put Marion in the backpack and placed it on the floorboard of his car while he was at work, checking on her occasionally.

According to the arrest warrant, Rowe went to a fast-food restaurant and two stores with Marion in the backpack during his lunch break.

When he returned to work, he put the backpack in the trunk of his car.

The next time he checked on Marion, she wasn’t breathing. That’s when Rowe called for help.

Marion was transported to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Marion’s father and grandmother say they saw warning signs that she was being mistreated by Rowe.

“Trevor came up to get her and she immediately started screaming and grabbing me like this,” sais Sheilah Montoya, the baby’s grandmother.

Child services have confirmed they were involved with the family before yesterday’s incident.

According to court documents, back in 2018, Rowe was accused of leaving his two children unattended in a home.

Rowe’s bond is set at two million dollars.

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