HOUSTON, Tx. (CNN/KTRK) — A man is behind bars in Texas for practicing dentistry, without a license, out of his townhouse. Authorities say he admitted to performing dental work in other states too.

41-year-old Harley Rodriguez-Bonilla is accused of doing dental work right out of his townhome — something officers saw for themselves yesterday. And something that was shared in court this morning when Rodriguez-Bonilla appeared before a judge.

Court records say the officers made an appointment to get fitted for dentures. When they arrived, they waited in the living room before his assistant took them upstairs. There, in a bedroom, they saw dental equipment and an examination table. An officer got on the table. Then they took impressions and photos, and said it would cost $900.

Officers also talked to a woman who had received dental work there, costing her $3,800 for upper and lower veneers.

Once arrested, Rodriguez-Bonilla told police he’d performed dental work in California and Florida. The judge took note.

“Considering the extreme threat that this poses to our community and the fact that he admits he lives in California and Florida also, and performs dental work on people there with no license, I consider him number one to be a risk to those communities as well as ours, and number two to be a flight risk,” said the judge. “Based on that I find that a higher bond is necessary.”

His bond was set at $25,000.