SHOCKING VIDEO: Man charged with animal cruelty for abusing dog in elevator


An East Nashville man caught on video allegedly abusing a dog, and that video leads to his arrest on charges of aggravated animal cruelty.

The video surfaced Tuesday. That’s when a staff member at the apartment complex where the man lives sent investigators the footage. 

Investigators with Metro Animal Care and Control immediately investigated and seized two of the dogs involved. 

WARNING: The video is difficult to watch. (Some graphic moments are not included.)

The incident takes place inside an elevator. Video surveillance shows the man, who police identified as 33-year-old Brandon Tynes, enter the elevator. He had two French bulldogs with him. 

The video shows Tynes pick up the 8-month-old dog, reference the floor, and then begins to slap the animal repeatedly in the face. 

He exits the elevator. Moments later he returns. 

Still agitated, Tynes attempts to kick the dog multiple times before taking off his shirt, using it to wipe the elevator floor. 

He grabs the little dog by the neck, rears back, and then fires it against the wall. The dog slides down the wall to the floor.

According to MACC, a member of the apartment complex got ahold of the video and sent it to investigators who reacted immediately. 

Lauren Bluestone with MACC said her staff was appalled by the video. 

“No, they seem to be doing fairly well, especially with what the video showed,” Bluestone said about the dogs’ current condition. 

At  Tynes’ apartment complex, News 2 tried to call the 33-year-old man, but he hangs up. 

Bluestone says the video is hard to watch, but it is also crucial for court. 

“Yes, there is hardcore footage showing what happened in the circumstance,” Bluestone said.

Tynes is charged with aggravated animal abuse, which is a Class E Felony. His dogs remain in MACC custody. 

News 2’s Andy Cordan also check Tynes’ criminal history. Before Tuesday, he had no arrest record. 

In addition to the animal cruelty charge, he was also cited for simple drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia. He is expected in court on July 12. 

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