While waiting in line to see Snow White at Epcot, a New Jersey mother’s son was not having a fun time. He was overwhelmed and having a meltdown. A Disney cast member playing Snow White knew just what to do.

Lauren Bergner took to Facebook to tell all of the amazing time she had at Epcot with her family on Sunday, and to also find a way to thank a Snow White actress who went “above and beyond.”

Snow White kissed, hugged and cuddled a crying Brody who lay his head on her lap as he cried, Bergner said.

Snow White didn’t stop there. She then took him for a walk away from the crowd. As she held his hand she danced with him and took him over to a bench to spend more time with him.

Bergner’s son Brody has autism and is non-verbal. While going to meet Snow White he had a meltdown.

“He was crying and was overwhelmed and just having a hard time,” Bergner said in a Facebook post.

That’s when Snow White leaped into action.

“She took so much time with him. She was a pure angel! She was magical and my family is forever thankful and touched!” Bergner said.

Apart from telling her story, she asked others if there was an email or a way for her to contact the Snow White actress so she could properly thank her. Bergner also emailed Disney.

“My heart is full,” Bergner said. “We will never forget this moment.”

Bergner’s post went viral on Facebook. It got 118,000 reactions and has been shared about 34,000 times. Almost all of the comments on the post were filled with praise for Snow White and celebrating her for going above and beyond.

In one comment, Ann Page said, “Beautiful we need more people in the world like her God has given her a special gift to touch the lives of others when it is needed Bless her and your family”

Another from Evie Marcus read, “How beautiful and touching. It makes my heart melt too see that your son was able to experience this moment.”