Secret to getting kids to eat healthy? Involve them in meal preparation.


(CNN) — Fruits and veggies are a big part of a healthy, balanced diet, but, getting your children to eat them isn’t always easy. Sometimes the hardest part of family dinner is getting your children to eat what you put in front of them.

Doctors at Atlanta’s Northside Hospital suggest having kids help you make the meal. Involving them in the process — whether it’s ingredient gathering or letting them mix ingredients — can help them feel more invested and more likely to eat.

And always add fruit and veggies. It’s common for some children to only want to eat certain foods, but doctors say always round out the meal with a vegetable or fruit.

And just like adults, kids have unique tastes, whether its a preference of broccoli over Brussel sprouts, cauliflower over cabbage, or green beans over green peppers. Doctors suggest being flexible, not always giving in to their every food request, but remembering that everyone has different opinions on food — even your children.

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