Royal Caribbean: Video shows grandfather knew window was open


(CBS News) For the first time, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines is telling its side of the story and releasing video of a toddler’s deadly fall aboard one of its cruise liners.

The child’s grandfather – now facing criminal charges – spoke exclusively with David Begnaud in November.

David has the new images that raise questions about the family’s version of the story.

Her step-grandfather Salvatore Anello follows her.

What happens next is critical.

Anello leans over the railing for 14 seconds, then he lifts Chloe up and appears to hold her over the railing for about 34 more seconds before the 18-month old then disappears, dropping 11 stories to her death on the dock below.

Royal Caribbean, which the Wiegand family has accused of negligence, says it should bear no blame.

Rather, the cruise line blames Anello instead, saying he was “reckless and irresponsible and the sole reason why Chloe is no longer with her parents.”

Puerto Rican authorities have since charged Anello with negligent homicide.

He told us in his only network tv interview last November he never even realized the window was open.

All I know is I was trying to reach the glass, and i know that we leaned over to to try to have her reach the glass. And at that point she slipped. she slipped. she slipped.

But at that moment, did you realize there was no glass?

I didn’t realize there wasn’t any glass till the– absolutely till it was too late. I mean, even when she first fell, I thought she fell in front of me. I thought she fell in front of me.

Tonight, the family has responded asking a judge to remove the video from the public record.

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