LAKE FOREST PARK, Wash. (BRPROUD) – If you don’t believe that road rage is a real thing, a video of a hammer-throwing incident just might change your mind.

The video, released July 27, shows the driver of a Jeep get out and throw a hammer at another vehicle’s windshield in Washington state.

“Road rage is real, especially when some whacked out driver throws a hammer at your windshield,” the King County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook.

The sheriff’s office said the incident reportedly began when the Jeep driver began honking at the other vehicle as they merged onto an on-ramp. As the honking continued, the driver of the other vehicle took an exit “to avoid a freeway confrontation,” KCSO said.

The video shows what happened after the exit from the freeway.

“Only moments later the Jeep passes him, blocks the roadway and the driver hurls a hammer before fleeing,” KCSO said.

Deputies later identified the Jeep driver using surveillance, KCSO said.

Detectives learned that three days later, the suspect, whose identity was not revealed in the posting, was apprehended on multiple felony charges after fleeing deputies in Snohomish County, located about 60 miles from King County.

“It’s easy to find — and charge — a suspect when they are already [in] jail,” KCSO said.

Charges were pending in the road rage case.

KCSO advises road rage victims to consider driving to the nearest police or fire station.

“Most suspects go where they believe they won’t be caught,” KCSO said.