Oklahoma police chase turns into heroic rescue from flaming car


ENID, Okla. (CNN/KOCO) — Two teenagers have been treated for injuries after they allegedly led police on a high-speed chase in Oklahoma.

When the girls flipped their car and it started burning, their pursuers became rescuers. Bodycam footage shows the dramatic chase, from high stress to even higher stress.

As this officer jumps out of his car, rushing to the vehicle he was seconds ago chasing, hopping on top of it and busting the windows to get to the possibly injured suspects inside.

The two fleeing teenage suspects hit a concrete barrier mid-escape. They went airborne. In that moment, everything was unclear. Are they armed? Are they alive? And are they ok?

The officers used themselves as tools to reach them, lowering on inside to get them as the car burns, all lives hanging in the balance, finally pulling one girl out and then the other.

The stakes are high, but the officers were determined to get them to safety. Their shift commander says pursuit to rescue mode is a difficult task.

“Now, we have a car that’s on fire,” said Enid Police Lt. Eric Holzclaw. “We have people trapped inside. We’ve gotta get them out.”

All the while — their own lives at risk.

“They still have to be safe because they don’t know who’s in there, so, once they’ve cleared the scene, they were able to make sure nobody had any weapons pointed at them,” said Holzclaw.”

Both teens were taken to the hospital. As for the officers they escaped critical injury as well.

No word yet on why the suspects were so intent on escaping the police.

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