(KLFY) – If Kraft Macaroni & Cheese ice cream or Cheetos Flamin’ Hot ice cream didn’t satisfy your ‘sweet tooth’, how about ‘diving’ into a Miller High Life ice cream bar?

To celebrate dive bars and the 100th anniversary of the ice cream bar, Miller High Life partnered with Tipsy Scoop to create the Ice Cream Dive Bar. You read that correctly — an ice cream bar that tastes like a ‘dive bar.’

Each Ice Cream Dive Bar delivers High Life infused ice cream with dive bar inspired mix-ins, which include: 

  • Premium ice cream infused with Miller High Life (5% ABV)
  • Peanut swirl (standard bar snack)
  • A hint of tobacco smoke flavor reminiscent of that unforgettable dive bar scent
  • Gooey caramel swirl to incorporate the distinct sticky dive bar floor feeling 
  • A sprinkle of carbonated candy (representing the carbonation of beer)
  • All dipped in dark chocolate to evoke the dark wood and dim lighting ambiance

While ice cream infused with beer is a ‘flavor gamble,’ peanut swirl, caramel, carbonated sprinkles and dark chocolate are all wonderful additions to a cold, creamy treat (despite the ideas the additions are supposed to invoke). But would even the mostly distinguished and eclectic patrons of your local dive bar want an ice cream with a ‘hint of tobacco flavor’?

Ice cream and dive bar lovers alike (21+) can try it out by purchasing a 6-pack Ice Cream Dive Bars starting Monday.