Lawmakers weigh in on impeachment ahead of historic House vote


WASHINGTON, D.C. (NEXSTAR) — On the eve of the House’s impeachment vote, some members of Congress face a difficult choice.

“The constitution is my first duty, that’s what I’m sworn to protect,” said Rep. Katie Porter (D-California).

Congresswoman Porter says she’ll vote to impeach the president even knowing that decision puts her re-election in jeopardy.

“But I have a very serious obligation to this country that comes over any political, partisan politics,” she said.

In 2018 Democrats like Porter were able to flip seven Republican held seats in California. 

Most of them are expected to be competitive again in 2020.

“They’re in very, very tough districts and I know this is not an easy place for them to be,” said Rep. Norma Torres (D-California).

Rep. Torres says her colleagues in battleground districts came to their decisions the right way.

Many held town halls and talked to their constituents directly.

“The one thing I’m thankful for is they’re not putting their political finger up in the air, weighing which way the political wind is blowing,” Torres said.

Dan Lipinski, a moderate Democrat from Illinois, says he’ll also vote yes on impeachment.

“As soon as he was elected people were calling for his impeachment,” Lipinski said,

But he blames his own party for making impeachment a tough sell to the public, saying many Democrats were too eager to impeach even before the Ukraine story broke.

“They hold the responsibility for making it more difficult to make the case to the American public now that the Ukraine matter is something the president should be impeached on,” he said.

Lawmakers know their impeachment vote is not only historic, but could come with political consequences.

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