AUSTIN, Tex. – While many Americans get ready to celebrate the Fourth of July often with fireworks, veterans groups are reminding folks that the sounds can be triggering for veterans who suffer from PTSD.

Like many veterans, Jodie Revils wasn’t the same person when he got back from his tour in Iraq. “Your brain has changed to the point where you can’t just stroll down the road and not think about these things,” said Revils.

Doctors diagnosed him with PTSD and head trauma. The Department of Veterans Affairs said up to 20% of other vets who served in Iraq and Afghanistan also came home with PTSD. “I tried pretty much everything, they had to offer. I actually decided to take my own life,” said Revils.

Until he heard of “K9s For Warriors.” Revils got his service dog, Donna, at no charge, thanks to “K9s for Warriors.”

Since 2011, the group has been pairing up trained dogs with veterans to help relieve their symptoms of PTSD. “I have seen some amazing transformations. The dog really just gives a person something to refocus on, if they started to have those, you know, that anxiety,” said K9 for Warriors COO Jason Snodgrass.

K9s for Warriors teach the dogs basic commands, but can also do things like training the dog to wake up their owner before a PTSD nightmare starts. Qualifying veterans can apply online by clicking here.