How Trump’s executive order could impact unemployment benefits


(KLFY)- On July 31, 2020, the extra $600 unemployment benefits some American’s received from the CARES Act’s- faded away. Just a week later, Congress closed it’s doors for recess until the end of August, leaving those struggling financially left in the dark.

This puts a hold on any type of stimulus package that was in the works, including a possible second round of checks until Congress resumes session in mid-September.

President Trump signed an executive order on Aug. 8, allocating an extra $400 to be included in the unemployment payments. This is less than the Democrats were hoping for. Republicans say anything higher would encourage people to stay home and avoid going back to work.

States will be asked to cover 25% of the costs and the government will pay the remaining 75%.

That’s where the changes to the Louisiana unemployment benefits come into play. Anyone who is on unemployment will now be required to submit proof of their job searches. Each person will need to apply to at least three places every week to keep their benefits. Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards said there are thousands of jobs available.

What if you already have a job and you’re still waiting to return to work? “For individuals who can’t work, because a business restriction related to COVID-19 has caused that work to be unavailable to them- they are not going to be required to do the job search,” Edwards said.

When would you receive the up to $400 extra payment? At this point, the government is expecting a delay before it’s added back onto the normal unemployment payments. The money won’t last long, however. With limited funding, it could last until Dec. 27, but it could run out sooner.

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