(KLFY) — We’ve all been there… You pull up to the pump, insert your card, and pump your gas, only to then find out that a pending charge has been placed on your card.

A gas hold is a gas station payment processing method that places an authorization hold on your account and stays until the transaction clears.

The hold appears in addition to the amount you actually purchased.

It ensures that the station receives payment for the fuel regardless of how much is pumped.

News 10 reached out to a local bank about the situation, and they said hold fees aren’t new.

“Gas pumps can hold on debit or credit. I have always seen the hold being placed on accounts when the pin is entered and not used as a credit. When the screen asks to choose debit or credit, always select credit.”

The amount of the hold and the time it takes to clear depends on the business and or company. The charge can remain on your account for one to seven business days.

Vice President of Electronic Banking with Bank of St. Francisville Tanya Arbuthnot said they are seeing them take an average of five to seven days to clear when not cleared manually.