Ferris wheel loses beam while in operation


LA MARQUE, Tx., (CNN) — A Ferris wheel lost a metal beam in the middle of operation Friday night in Texas. The incident was caught on camera.

Juan Carlos Orlade says he heard a strange popping as he stood near the Ferris wheel.

“We saw people screaming and then the big piece fell but it stayed hanging onto a little piece and they were hanging on to it,” said Orlade.

The video he shot shows what’s described as an aluminum beam dangled from the side of the wheel. The ride operator worked to turn the wheel in the opposite direction.

And then, the beam fell to the ground. No one was struck. There were no injuries. The passengers on the Ferris wheel were brought back to the platform nervous, but unharmed.

A statement from the spokesperson for Magical Winter Lights reads: “Thankfully we can tell you that no one was injured in this incident and the ride was immediately suspended after all passengers were safely removed from the ride. Carnival organizers discovered it was an aluminum support beam that broke, which is not vital to the structure of the ride and didn’t put any riders in danger.”

The Ferris wheel is turning again, back in operation, according to the spokesperson. The repairs were minor and everything has been successfully inspected.

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