College recruiter fired after lining students up according to skin color


OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (CNN/KFOR) — At Harding Charter Preparatory High School, college recruiters stop by all the time, but this gym assembly was different.

“I could already see through all his bs basically,” said student Korey Todd. “It was actually a white male. And he seemed like he wasn’t really knowledgeable on how to speak to people — even in a diverse school.”

A man representing Oklahoma Christian University left the 11th-grade class stunned.

“He said all right let’s play a little game,” said Todd.

“So he said let’s see who is going to line up the fastest,” said student Rio Brown.

“And then he said, ‘ok everyone now line up from darkest to lightest skin complexion,'” said Todd.

Then the juniors were told to shuffle again.

“He told us to line up nappiest hair in the back and straightest hair in the front,” said Brown.

“That’s when I felt uncomfortable. I was like ‘ok I don’t think this isn’t right,'” said Todd.

“Teachers left — they were crying and they left because they felt offended,” said Brown.

According to OC, the recruiter was fired shortly after, telling News Four the university “…did not approve of the inappropriate activity in advance.”

“He didn’t rationalize why he did this ‘Game,'” said Todd.

A story so stunning, News Four almost had trouble believing it at first, but the principal at Harding Charter Prep admitted all of it was true.

Saying, “Their staff doesn’t condone this behavior and/or language that undermines our community’s values. “

Rio brown: “And like.. It’s just horrible,” said Brown. “I hope it is a wake-up call because many people at the school need to hear how we feel.”

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